Melody has been a quilt artist since 1981. She was also a professional dyer for twelve years and formed a company with Laura Wasilowski, called Artfabr!k . This creative duo traveled to quilt shows and conferences selling their hand dyed fabrics and threads, while at the same time making award winning quilts and teaching workshops in fusing both here and abroad. The Chicago School of Fusing , a completely imaginary school, became world renowned due to the musical antics of these two artists. Melody's education includes a BA in painting and drawing from Northeastern Illinois University in1981 and an MA in Fibers from Northern Illinois University in1994.

Melody's quilts have been exhibited in national shows such as, all the Mancuso shows, the American Quilter's Society, the International Quilt Festival in Houston and Chicago, and five times in Visions , and three times in Quilt National. Her major awards include a 1995 AQS Best Wall Quilt and in 1998, the IQA's Pfaff Master of Machine Artistry. She has also participated in exhibits in Japan, Great Britain, the Netherlands and New Zealand.  Melody continues to exhibit her work, in invitational venues, and on the internet.

In 2007 Melody retired from traveling, moved from the Illinois suburbs to rural Tennessee, and has found new energy for designing and making quilts. Her garden, chickens and ducks are also getting more of her attention. She and her husband Dave are learning to slow down and enjoy the moment. You can read her daily musings on her blog. (Click HERE to visit Melody's Blog)

About quiltmaking:

“My attitude is that quiltmaking should be fun, and if it isn’t, why do it? I’m not out to prove I can work harder or achieve some sort of perfection. I want to have a great time making a quilt and have it look like fun when it is finished. I believe that the design is paramount to the technique and whatever it takes to create that piece is the right way to do it.”

About methods and techniques: (Fusing is Melody’s preferred method of construction)

“I’m making art for the wall, not a functional bed quilt. I choose to fuse so I can be expressive with fabric in ways that would be impossible with any other construction method. After removing the release paper, I cut my fused fabric directly using the scissors or rotary cutter as a drawing tool. I don’t finish the edges of my shapes because that would alter the character I have drawn with my cuts. I also dye my own silks and cottons so that my colors are rich and saturated. I’ve found that I can use both appliqué and piecing approaches without the sewing machine even though eventually the piece will be quilted with a machine, or lately, even by hand. I especially enjoy working improvisationally, but often find myself making up a design found in my sketchbook.”

About balancing being an artist and reaching out to others:

"For me it's a balance of making the work and helping others find their artistic gifts. I loved the teaching experience, the encouragement, and mind opening exchange between the student and myself.   Teaching was an extension of my art. I am so happy now to have the time and space to enjoy my husband's retirement, to create new work, and to share my daily adventures via my blog. "

For more information about Melody or the artwork and availability, please email.

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